So I have a new pad.

I’ll figure out the proper name of the neighbourhood in time:

1) I have a clear-shot view of Parc la Fontaine. So lots of green, orange, or white.
2) I have ready access to a logically designed, asymmetrical street with bike lanes — not any of this Toronto crap.
3) I don’t have any roommates.
4) But I can’t have a cat, either, so lonely times ahead unless people come over and warm it up.
5) Except maybe an adopted outdoor stray, but no, come winter, that’s gonna suck.
6) But the best? I’m 2 minutes away from the best poutine in Montréal, possibly the province.
7) Even better? They’re open 24/7.
8) It can get better: 25 different kinds of poutine, up from 23 last December.
9) They have beer, too.
10) I have a balcony. But to say that in MTL is to say “OMG I have a front door!” in Toronto.

Downside? I can’t move in the day I arrive. Which will be a slight problem, not least of which having to get a hotel room at kinda last minute. And there’s no time to unpack, because courses begin September 1st.

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