OPENING: Join Us EIR in the Park

November 16th to 30th: Super-Jet International Coffee Shop, Toronto

Join Us EIR in the Park

Join Us EIR in the Park

Distressed aluminium relics of colour infrared film, our public spaces and citizenship
a photography début

Transferred by hand to distressed aluminium, Join Us EIR in the Park showcases a unique and extinct colour infrared film, Ektachrome EIR.

Each subject chose a favourite public space around Toronto. Whether now or historically, every subject’s intersectional life experiences would have their presence in Toronto’s public spaces contested, restricted, or even criminalized. This reality provokes questions around the social covenant of citizenship and who is privy to it.

Viewing at Super-Jet International Coffee Shop, 346 Dupont Street, Toronto, November 16 through 30, 2016.

The opening includes selections from the Join Us Over EIR in the Park series, shown here earlier this year.

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