Renieddolodge’s “This is white privilege”

To affirm trans feminism as part of a fourth-wave feminism is to affirm that intersectionality means recognizing how institutional and structural barriers cut across different intersectional axes.

It means recognizing that racism is still real, deeply ingrained everywhere around us, and part of your responsibility to dismantle (especially if you don’t think you’re at all racist) — just as cisnormativity is still real and part of your responsibility to dismantle (especially if you’re a cis person who doesn’t believe you’re cissexist, transmisogynistic, or transphobic).

If you’re a woman who is trans, and you’re not a woman of colour, then you stand to see how your intersectional privilege of being white still matters, despite the systemic barriers you face of being trans. Facing down cisnormativity isn’t enough. Facing down intersectional barriers — even ones you don’t experience — is the only way cisnormativity will be undermined.

Renieddolodge’s post, “This is white privilege” (re-blogged here), is necessary reading for every trans person, and especially for every trans woman who isn’t a woman of colour.