Cisnormativity Project shirts

The The Cisnormativity Project is a volunteer-led effort.

All of our contributors have given their time and experiences to help bring you a better understanding of what the structural conditions of cisnormativity means for each of us.

We don’t ordinarily promote beyond the knowledge resources on this web site, but we would like to let you know that we do have some shirts you can buy to challenge cissexism in your everyday life — whether as a trans person, a gender-non-conforming person, or a cis person advocating for trans people.

These are our designs. If you have some new ideas, please let us know in the comments area below.

We really appreciate your support!

Our shirts!

Why hello. I must be your 'teachable moment.'   Her name is Chelsea.   Coercively assigned, autonomously defined.   
“SO BRAVE.”   “So inspiring!”   “You pass really well.”   
“Have you had the surgery?”   “What do you mean your ‘dead name’?”   “When did you decide this?”   
“I never would have guessed!”   “You look so real!”   “So is it a boy or a girl”   
#nolessvalid   Criminalize Cis* until all cis* people accept all trans* people.