Womanhood and personhood

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Womanhood and personhood
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Our vessel — the body we each have — is preceded by the agencies we have in our personhood. That is, our personhood (and the decisions we wilfully make) precedes and supersedes our bodies, as reducing us to our bodies strips us of our humanity. No one is entitled to deny our personhood or our womanhood.

This is why I want to write about both my womanhood and personhood. It’s a conscious choice. That is, I choose to speak on my womanhood and, most importantly, the humanizing of my personhood. Unless you’re also a trans person, I can’t begin to properly describe just how quickly and readily cis people can dispose of my womanhood and my personhood as it befits their situation or world view.

I’ve spent my life working toward a place to find a peace in which I know it’s OK to value myself as a feminist without having to compromise who I am or the experiences I’ve known as preclusions from qualifying myself as a feminist. Still, the personal refusal to compromise myself juxtaposed with the necessity to compromise myself socially (as a precondition to participate socially) are two very different problems. The social compromise is that I must never mention to cis people that I’m trans or that I have a trans body. And I mustn’t speak on fourth-wave feminisms like trans feminism.