Re-introducing Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010

Queen's Park, September 1945

Eric Veilette‘s special to the Toronto Star in the Friday, 18 February 2011, online edition (and in Saturday’s print edition), is really the first chance for this research project to be brought before a wider audience. The unofficial start of the project began with this blog’s first entry last May.

Your participation and help are very important! If you, your ancestors, or your organization have Kodachrome slides or home movies, tell us so we can help to create this Kodachrome registry for future researchers to better understand Toronto’s extensive, colourful, and storied past.

Addendum [21 February 2011]: A project proposal PDF slide show for this supervised research — equivalent to a masters thesis for the M.U.P.-Design degree requirement — is now up. When presented last December, it helped to define how Kodachrome Toronto: 1935–2010 will evolve. This stage — the collecting of data for known photo/movie collections, stashes, and archives — is meant to set up the next stage, which is meant to follow in a couple of years as a Ph.D. project. This stage will piece together a composite picture of the city with Kodachrome slides. Think of using Google Street View — except that where available, a photo or movie clip from another era stands in the place of a modern-day scene. If this second stage goes well, then the best of what we find (under advisement of my supervisor(s) and mentors) will be selected for inclusion for the third and final stage: a photography book. -AI