Database for registry is built; interviews for KT registry to begin.

So here’s a bit of good news:

The Kodachrome Toronto registry, database version 1.0, is now built and ready for conducting interviews!

The project’s participation consent form is also finished as of today. So in the order in which they have been received, I will be contacting and setting up interviews with people who have volunteered to participate in the registry. These interviews should ideally occur in one of two ways:

  1. CUSTODIAN. If you’re the custodian or holder of a collection — say, for a deceased relative — an opportunity for us to meet in person will be required. This visit, with your permission, allows the best opportunity to describe and make inventory of the overall contents. The better the description of what the collection contains, the better the registry search results will be for future researchers.
  2. OWNER. If the collection is yours — even if you know it well — the registry will still benefit far more to meet in person for an interview and, where possible, view the general scope of the collection.

Interviews should nominally take about 1–2 hours.