Live: 1 Favourite Thing = 1 Related Song

DJ Five-to-Midnight spinning live December 12th at the Handlebar

23.55 Handlebar event [2016.12.12]

Bring & Show Your
1 Favourite Thing
1 Related Song

Five-to-Midnight at Handlebar, Kensington Market
Monday, December 12th, 10pm

This is happening!

Bring something — your favourite thing — to show DJ Five-to-Midnight. She’ll find you a song for your thing and add it to the set! Come hear the seriously very best, in-depth music from the ’80s and ’90s. As always, Handlebar is cosy with plenty of seating and warm lighting.

She’ll be live at Handlebar, 159 Augusta Avenue, Toronto. Never a cover with five buck drinks all night long (all night, all night). Catch up on past Five-to-Midnight podcasts anytime.