Urban design site analysis: Tilikum Place Park, Seattle

A critical presentation

Nothing major here. Since I’m in Seattle this week, I’d like to share a field reconnaissance site analysis I produced in 2010 for a triangular spot of public space, located in the shadow of the Seattle Monorail, called Tilikum Place Park. It’s a four-panel PDF, delivering a synopsis of the space.

It’s my favourite spot here, but I don’t go often enough. Case in point: it’s about ten minutes away by bike from where I stay, and I’ve yet to stop by there. But it has all the hallmarks of a public space done well, done with variety, unique views, and no monotony (just monorail).

If you ever find yourself visiting Seattle and want to see some simple awesome, head thee to Tilikum Place Park. Grab some cheap suds at the 5-Point Café (facing the triangle). Also, note how a 24-hour eatery and a public space share a symbiotic relationship: the diner offers valuable proprietor surveillance for the public space, and a source for diner patrons can arrive from the public space. The Tilikum space runs adjacent to the intersecting of two key transit corridors. It helps, of course, that there are other buildings across the street which provide a residential and commercial view over happenings within the space. One of those is a pizza tavern.

Best space feature: not pretentious!

[ Download the PDF ]

Plate 1: background

601H093 Tilikum 1

Plate 2: field analysis

601H093 Tilikum 2

Plate 3: field analysis

601H093 Tilikum 3

Plate 4: field analysis

601H093 Tilikum 4