i hate this.

The death of Paul Wellstone

i walked into the cathedral with him at bruce vento’s funeral in 2000. i talked with him during the final senatorial debate at the fitzgerald for the other u.s. senatorial race in 2000 about things related to the state human rights act.

i ran into this guy at least four times in five years. he was unique in that he was an elected representative of the public, and rather than getting shuffled about in limos, crown vics, mansions and other accoutrements one now expects of the average politician in federal or state gummint, he gets out of his older, maroon minivan with sheila and hugs people. both of them ask how these people’s kids are doing since they last spoke to them.

he didn’t forget who you were. ever.

and like bruce, he’s not here any longer.

this is so utterly and fucking bad. sparkle_vixen didn’t exactly know how to field my reaction when she came home for lunch, as well as she tried. i’ve been just too fucking unglued. i mean, i’ve never come unglued by the loss of anyone in public office.

and i’m scared to death. very, very scared.

  • o god, it feels shitty enough for me just on principle & fuzzy intuitive connection.. i can’t communicate this just yet