Toronto Citizen button

Toronto Citizen




  • Locally printed and pressed
  • Button size: 1¼” round
  • Fastener: pin

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Product Description

Toronto Citizen
Designed by Astrid in 2010 and modelled after the City of Toronto flag.

Everyone who lives in Toronto pays taxes, even when those revenues aren’t landing in Toronto.

Some understand how it takes so much more than writing a cheque to make the leap of faith for citizenship.

In the spirit of love, hope, and optimism, the Toronto Citizen button speaks to our determination of participation in (and awareness for) our city, our neighbours, and this nation. We are citizens not because our passport says so, but because we want to leave this city in a better state than how we found it.

Our citizenship to Toronto is our service to others who lack what we have.

This button is instantly topical. It is stylishly timeless enough to endure our ephemeral governments and ideological fads which feed the egos of rhetoric. The button embraces your commitment to our great city. It echoes our necessary civility as Torontonians and why making our home a better place for everyone who lives in Toronto is the greatest gesture of our citizenship.

Additional Information

Weight25 g
Dimensions1.25 x 1.25 x 0.25 in

1.25″ ø




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