Email thread #1: Tami Becker and Julienne Goins

Employee request for advice from Human Resources Manager at Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Rochester NY


From: “Julienne Goins”
Subject: Re: Questions
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 17:17:00
To: “Tami Becker”
cc: “Joe Hicks”


I have attached a file called ‘events.doc’, which is a sort of diary of events from the first day of incident. In this file, the e-mail correspondence relayed between myself and the HR individual is referred to, in which ‘lewis.txt’ is that transcript (it is in reverse chronological order; there are timestamps on the replies, though).

Thank you, Tami.


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Subject: Questions
Author: Tami Becker at LCP-CORP
Date: 05/12/97 8:26


I thought I’d start a fresh message…

Both Joe and I have reviewed your cc:mails and the West Group Harassment policy. In order for us to go the next step, we need additional detailed information including the names, dates, and specific incidents, etc. Once we have reviewed the information you provide, we will be able to determine the appropriate course of action. You should be aware that in order to properly address the issues, we will need to involve the appropriate Human Resources person in Eagan. We will be very sensitive to your situation and only involve those with a need to know in order to resolve your concerns.

You can respond to this e:mail with the details, send copies of materials via confidential overnight pouch mail, or fax to my attention at (716) 258-3755–call me first and I’ll wait by the HR fax machine. You can reach me at Rochester X-3381.

Joe will be in Eagan for a few days next week and this would give him the opportunity to discuss issues with the appropriate person.

Thanks, Tami

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