Email thread: Joan Tarbox and Julienne Goins

Co-worker conversation mentioning discrimination to a visiting Lawyers Cooperative Publishing (Rochester) team member


From: “Joan Tarbox”
To: “Julienne Goins”
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Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 14:52:00
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Author: Julienne Goins at LCP-ED
Date: 10/8/97 2:44 PM


I got it…but I got it through my cc:Mail address in Rochester, which I do have access to from here. Actually, I can log into EDIT1, TEP_1, TEP_3 and TEP_4, as if I were there. Periodically, I log onto EDIT1 to check my mail or retrieve files from that LAN.

I wrote Daron yesterday; if he asks about my note I sent to him, I told him it was okay for you to elaborate upon any detail I gave you about the harrassment [sic] here.

For now, you won’t be able to send mail out to Eagan direct.


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Author: Joan Tarbox at LCP-ED
Date: 10/8/97 2:33 PM

Let me know if you get this.

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